Living the Way of Jesus
Sunday Service - 9:30-10:30 AM

TOWN HALL MEETING August 12, 2015

Trinity Baptist Church


August 12, 2015

Moderator Keith Stroh opened the meeting with prayer with 81 in attendance; ice cream, toppings, and beverages were available for attendees to serve themselves.

Financial Report—Budget:  Printouts labeled Summary – General Fund were distributed.  We are doing well, as far as financial status is concerned.  The bottom line shows (-) figures for June and July.  This reflects the numerous repairs and upgrades that were made to the facilities including the garage and house, i.e. shingling, sidewalks, parking lot, outdoor security lighting, etc.  Some repairs were needed in the house owned by the Church (washer/dryer, air conditioner, garage door opener, etc.).  Alarm system will be activated September 1.

Discipleship Team:

  • Need more members
  • Currently looking at September 16 as the official start of Wednesday programs
  • September 13 Sunday services will return to normal schedule (traditional service at 9:00; contemporary at 11:00)
  • Sunday School will start for children and youth; adult class will be using the same material that will be used by the Long Range Planning Team; Vantage Point 3 will begin later in the fall

Care Team:

  • Working on dividing congregation into Care Groups
  • Serving groups: for meals, weddings
  • Distribute money from the benevolent fund
  • One baptism since the beginning of the year; two potential candidates

Worship/Music Team:

  • After Seth left, Dottie Clogg coordinated the FLC services
  • Looking for interim or full time person for Worship Leader/Coordinator; have prepared a job description for this position
  • Need additional members on this team

Outreach Team:

  • International and local missions
  • Conduct service at Gospel Mission; participants needed
  • Try to keep congregation abreast of missionaries supported by Trinity
  • Trunk or Treat



Wilcoxson Update: 

  • Some level of contact is maintained
  • Continued prayer is appreciated
  • Up to $3000 is available for their counseling with some stipulations applying


Questions from the floor:

  • Is the parking lot finished? No, it isn’t.   Stewardship Team continues to work on this.  The underlying  ground is very unstable and breaks up under heavy use (garbage trucks,etc.)
  • How is the attendance compared to a year ago? Summer attendance is down by about 15 or 16.
  • Is the house being rented? Yes
  • Has the Leadership Team given thought to how the congregation can process Kirby and Nancy’s departure? For the most part it has not been done in the corporate setting.  Soon after this happened, individuals were encourage to direct their questions to the Leadership Team.  There were two prayer events in the days soon after the situation came to light.
  • Are tapes of past sermons available on the website? Pastor Dave has connections with a group that will be helping to set this up.  Tim Farnsworth will be assisting with this as the site is updated.  All the sermons are being recorded at present.
  • (Question about inconsistent rents from guest congregations) Some months have more Sundays.  Also, there are variances in the amount of use of different congregations.
  • Any information about the Sacramento Triennial Conference? Karla Tschetter reported that the theme of the Conference was ‘Sent’; Dan Hamil was elected Executive Director; speakers and events were very good.
  • Is there a binder that contains information about serving groups and their responsibilities, etc.? The women are divided into four teams, each with a leader, that will be called upon in rotation to serve at funerals or other events.  These lists will be made available through e-mailings.
  • Are the team activities published in a monthly newsletter or some other means? No, they are not.


Long Range Planning Task Force (LRPTF)

            The following have been chosen to represent the Trinity body on the LRPTF:

  • Steve Lindquist, Judy Zimbelman, Randy Reese, Richard Houts (chair), Joe Hiatt, Jayme Nelson, one more to be decided, plus Keith Stroh, Wayne Fokken, and one more from the Leadership Team
  • (Question from the floor: Will this be the pastoral  team?  No, that is waiting for the action of the Task Force to determine who we are, where we are, the direction we’re going, among other considerations.)




  • If a church moves too quickly to replace a pastor after a traumatic experience, the result is not always good.
  • “Long range” used to mean five to ten years; today it may mean from one to three years; a process that includes mission, vision, and introspection
  • Kennon Callahan’s model will be used (Twelve Keys to an Effective Church) in this process:
  • Planning is to result in action, not planning. “Keep it simple!”
  • The future is built by focusing on strengths, not by overcoming weaknesses
  • Effective congregations learn how to focus on doing a few things well
  • Effective congregations have an excellent match between motivational resources, key pastoral and lay leaders, and grass roots members
  • Excellent congregations recognize the value of excellent mistakes
  • Excellent congregations recognize that some “key objectives” are worth not doing
  • Excellent congregations have a practice of prayer that focuses on the qualities of vision and hope

Four Invitational Questions for Planning

  1. Where are we headed:
  2. What kind of future are we building?
  3. What are our strengths, gifts, and competencies?
  4. What is God calling us to accomplish in mission? We are living on a mission field.  1950s was a ‘churched culture.’  The church is no longer privileged.


The four worst “best” questions:

  1. What are our problems?
  2. What are our needs?
  3. What are out concerns?
  4. What are our weaknesses and shortcomings?

These are important questions to ask, but we don’t want to ‘hang out’ there.

Transformation and change always start with some kind of crisis.  It’s a good thing in that it spurs us toward growth and change.  We have an opportunity!

Further questions from the floor:

  • How is Gary himself doing? Can he find balance?  Doing okay, but can’t do as much pastoral care as he would like.
  • Qualifications for a new pastor? Deciding this will be part of the job of the LRPTF
  • (Lenore) “You have been an inspiration in my life.”

Gary:  Don’t be afraid to come to me with questions.

Closing comments:  Without hope we die, a hope that is confident that God is at work.  Let us look forward together to the future that God is building for us.