Living the Way of Jesus
Join us Sundays 8:30 and 11:00 AM


April 22nd – Daring Families
After a few cancelations, Trinity’s first “Daring Families” parenting seminar is set to begin on Sunday, April 22nd from 4:00-5:30 PM.  The seminar will then continue on April 29th and May 6th.  If you or a friend would like to attend this free seminar, there is still time to join.  Please notify Pastor Dave Decker at if you are interested in coming.

April 25th – Last Day of Cook’s Break/Kid’s Connection
Both “Cook’s Break” and our Wednesday night children’s ministry “Kid’s Connection” will end for the school year on April 25th.  Youth Group will continue to meet through the month of May.  “Cook’s Break” and “Kid’s Connection” will resume again in the fall.

April 27th – 50 Plus Group
Pastor Gary Strickland will be sharing his experiences from his recent trip to Cameroon.  Please join us for a very special evening and time of fellowship.  If you are able, please bring bars or cookies as we will have coffee and treats after Pastor Gary’s presentation.  We will meet at 6:30pm in the FLC at TBC on Friday, April 27th.


Sunday Schedule
8:30 am – Traditional Service
9:45 am – Sunday School (Snacks Served)
11:00 am – Contemporary Service

Adult Sunday School Options
Be Concerned – This class will be led by Lucy Tooley, and will focus on a book called “Be Concerned” by Warren Wiersbe, focusing on the minor prophets
7 Boring Ways to Change the World  – This class will be based on the book “Faithful Presence” by David Fitch and will be led by Matt Styles, Rob Loane, and Melissa Hiatt.

Wednesday Schedule
5:15pm – Cook’s Break
6:15pm – Breakout Sessions:
(Youth, Kid’s Connection, Prayer Group – has a group at Trail Ridge and a group at TBC which meets after the meal)


Our Congregation
· Pray for our church and our desire to be reaching the world outside our doors, both now and into the future.
· Daphne Dunger as she recovers from surgery on her arm.
· John Richter will undergo back surgery today.  Please pray for the procedure and his recovery.Family & Friends·
· Jayme Nelson’s dad has been diagnosed with two forms of cancer.Continue to Pray
· At Home – Gene Tooley, Jan Berg
· Margaret Schmidt as she adjusts to her diagnosis of ALS and frontal lobe degeneration.
· Arleen Browen — At Trail Ridge
· Gail Hanson – Cancer treatments
· Rita Schumann for continuing health issues.  She recently has been having problems with her eyes.
· Rita Schumann’s granddaughter Olivia Bohanon, is having problems adjusting to a milk intolerance diet.
· Keith Safar has had quite a few issues and is now dealing with blood clots.
· Patti & Ev Shepherd’s son, Tim, received news that his cancer treatment was successful, and will continue therapy for eating, talking, and walking and will be needing further dental work.